How do I create an assessment?

You can create an assessment, which represents a package of one or more tests, directly from the Assessments hub. 

You’ll begin by naming the assessment. This is a title that the candidate will see and should be appropriately named with that in mind. 

You also have the option to search for the closest job title under ‘Job template’. This feature pulls from our database of over 750 jobs and leverages mapping between the largest occupational database (O*NET Online) and our test library in order to recommend the most relevant tests for the job in question. 

Once you click ‘Create assessment’ and then edit Tests in the next step, you will be able to view and adjust those recommendations if you use the Job template option. 

After creating the assessment, you have options to edit Details, Tests, and Publishing. Editing the Details simply gives you the ability to change the title of the assessment if needed.  

By editing Tests, you can add and change the tests in an assessment.  

You can search for a test directly by name, or by relevance to the job role. For more information about how we suggest tests for specific job roles, check out ‘How do I find recommended tests for a specific job?’. 

Additionally, you can filter to a specific type of test (i.e. Aptitude, Personality, Soft Skills, etc.). See ‘How do I decide between different types of tests?’ for an explanation of the variety of tests we have and how they may suit your purpose. 

You can find more information about each test by clicking ‘Preview’. This window will describe what jobs are relevant for the test, what skills or competencies it measures, and who created it, along with a few other details. You can also find a sample question from this window. 

Click ‘Add’ on the tests you want to use. You can select up to 6 tests to include in an assessment. Once you’re happy with your selection, scroll to the end of the page and click ‘Save’ to move on. 

To launch the assessment, click ‘Edit’ in the Publishing section. This step allows you to invite candidates to take the assessment. It is important to note that you can’t edit the assessment once the first candidate has started on their first test. 

See ‘How do I invite candidates to take an assessment?’ for information on this next step.