How do I find recommended tests for a specific job?

If you want to see our suggestions for which tests to use when hiring for a specific job, you can search by job title in two different locations.

When you initially create an assessment, you can input the job title under ‘Job template’. This avenue will automatically add recommended tests to that assessment which you can then edit.

Alternatively, you can input the job title in the ‘Job role’ search box in the test library.

When a test is recommended for a job, you will see a relevance rating highlighted next to the test name. This score is based on ratings from incumbents in those roles for how important that skill is for the job. You may also see tags for specific elements related to that test that explain why it is relevant for the job. 

For example, the Adaptability test is recommended for an Account Manager role with a relatively high relevance rating of 74%. It is important for Account Managers because many of these positions require Stress Tolerance, Adaptability/Flexibility, and Coordination which are assessed in our Adaptability test. 

How the recommendations are generated

We provide evidence-based recommendations for tests to use for over 750 jobs. Our recommendation engine leverages data from the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) developed by the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration (USDOL/ETA). 

This resource maintains detailed and standardised information about occupations collected from subject matter experts in those job roles and is widely considered a vital source of occupational information in the world of work. 

Using this database, our platform selects assessments that measure the knowledge, skills and characteristics identified as most important for success in a specific job. The recommendations have been reviewed and curated by our team of organisational psychologists and psychometricians to ensure accuracy.