How do I create a job?

Creating a job on our platform can be done from two places. You can click the ‘Create a job’ button on the home page. 

Alternatively, you can go to the Recruitment hub and click the ‘Create job’ button.

Clicking one of these buttons will open a popup window in which you can add a title to create your job opening. The title will be visible to applicants once you post the job listing.

You also have the option to choose a job template from our database of over 750 job roles powered by O*NET, which will give you a pre-written job description to start with, and, later on, a list of suggested tests relevant to the role you’ve chosen. More on this in the ‘How do I find recommended tests for a specific job?’ article. 

How do I edit a job listing?

After you’ve created a job, you can customize the listing. 

Here you can:

  • Edit the job title 
  • Specify the job location and inform applicants if it’s a remote role
  • Define the contract & compensation details applicants will see on the job posting: 
    • Contract type (Permanent, temporary, or internship)
    • Salary type (Fixed amount or a range)
    • Employment type (Full-  or part-time)

We have set the default contract & compensation options to ‘Don’t show’. However, we do encourage you to be transparent about this information in order to attract the best talent. 

You can also preview your job listing and ensure it contains the information it should.