How do I interpret anti-cheating indicators?

When looking at an individual’s results, you can see the following icons that represent various mechanisms we have in place to prevent cheating. You can find these by clicking on a candidate’s name from the table of all Participants in an assessment. 

Green icons indicate the candidate passed the check (e.g. their mouse was always in the test window). Red icons indicate the check was not passed. It should be noted that cheating on our tests is a very rare phenomenon. 

Webcam enabled

When a candidate enters their first test in an assessment, they will see a popup that requests access to their webcam. The candidate can still take the test if they reject, but this icon will appear red.

Full screen always active

When a test is started, the candidate will enter full screen mode. There should not be any need to leave the test screen until it is submitted. If the candidate has exited full screen, this icon will appear red. 

Mouse always in test window

All tests are meant to be completed without referencing other information or visiting any other sites. This tracks whether the candidate’s mouse left the screen. A red icon indicates that they have tried to look at another window while taking the test.

Location remained the same

This indicates whether the candidate’s IP address remains the same during the test-taking process. It will appear red if the location changed. 

No extra time added

The last icon pictured above is not an anti-cheating indicator but rather an accessibility feature. Candidates who require extra time can place a request before starting a timed test. For these cases, 20% of the total time is added to the clock. The icon will appear red when a candidate has opted for extra time. 

Candidate notification

All of these features are mentioned in the instructions the candidate sees before beginning a test. This awareness discourages cheating attempts and alerts individuals to the mechanisms we have in place.

Taken together, these indicators can serve to flag where candidates may have attempted to cheat on a test and should be considered with caution.