How do I send feedback to candidates?

As you move candidates through the recruitment process and get closer to sending an offer to the applicant who fits your criteria, it is a good idea to send information to everyone who has applied to your job posting. 

Providing feedback to candidates at every stage of the recruitment process has multiple benefits: 

  • It demonstrates respect toward candidates. 
  • It enhances a positive employer brand image. 
  • It provides candidates with valuable insights. 
  • It promotes fairness and transparency. 
  • It opens up the process to feedback from candidates. 

If your organization’s resources allow it, it is a good practice to provide more specific feedback to candidates who have gone further into the hiring process. For example, it is enough to inform candidates who have been automatically disqualified at the beginning of the process that they have not satisfied the must-have qualifications. However, when it comes to candidates who have taken assessments and/or attended interviews, consider providing more detailed feedback. 

When providing feedback to candidates, remember to: 

  • Do so in a respectful and clear manner.
  • Tailor feedback to each individual’s qualifications or performance.
  • Focus on specific areas for improvement.
  • Strive for actionable comments.
  • Be mindful of potential biases. 

If you decide to reject a candidate’s application, you can do so by clicking the third icon underneath each candidate’s name and general information.

This will open a popup window in which you can edit the template message candidates will get via email.