How do I define screening questions?

When creating the job listing, you can use screening questions to filter out applicants that do not meet your criteria. There are several options you can choose from:

  • Education qualification: You can specify the required degree level, and the candidates must answer a ‘Yes or No’ question on whether they have obtained it. 
  • Industry experience: You can define a minimum of years of experience within a particular industry.
  • Background check: You can ask candidates to confirm their willingness to undergo a background check per local regulations. 
  • Driver’s license: You can request information on whether candidates have a valid driver’s license. 
  • Drug test: You can ask candidates to confirm their willingness to take a drug test per local regulations.  

You can also add a custom question that would require the candidates to provide a certain answer to pass the screening. For example, if your organization can’t provide visa sponsorship, you can ask candidates whether they have the right to work in the country. This would require a ‘Yes or No’ type of question, where you can specify the ideal answer in advance. 

Alternatively, you can ask a question that requires a numerical response (e.g. years of experience in a specific role) and specify what the minimum required answer would be. 

Once you write the question text, choose the response type and ideal answer, and decide whether you’re asking for a must-have qualification, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click ‘Save’. 

Additionally, you can automatically reject candidates who do not meet all of the pre-specified qualifications. If you enable the ‘Automatically disqualify’ box, we will, on your behalf, automatically send rejection emails to applicants who didn’t meet all the must-have qualifications.

It is important to mention that screening questions focus on the must-have qualifications a candidate needs to have to be considered for the position. This type of question significantly differs from custom application questions, which typically are aimed at gathering more information about the candidates. More information on custom application questions is available in the article ‘How do I write custom application questions?’.