How do I use Neuroworx as a people analytics tool?

As an integrated people analytics platform, Neuroworx provides you with the insights to leverage the power of your people. With intuitive, evidence-based tools that span the entire employee experience - from sourcing and hiring the best talent to reducing turnover and enhancing succession planning - you can not only save valuable time on traditionally cumbersome and unreliable processes but also make the shift from tactical human resources to strategic people operations. 

We embed best practices and the latest research in industrial-organizational psychology into our talent management tools to offer a scientifically sound yet intuitive approach to implementing your talent strategy. Our assessments, performance reviews, structured interview guides, culture and engagement surveys, and other resources are all built by experts to provide you with ready-to-use yet customisable content for your people processes. 

With Neuroworx's integrated data infrastructure at your fingertips, you can: 

  • Reduce turnover by identifying trends in why people are leaving
  • Proactively fill future talent gaps by linking succession planning, development and acquisition
  • Optimise performance at the individual, team and organisational levels
  • Align talent strategies with business objectives and embed them in all areas of human resources
  • Enhance employee engagement and strengthen company culture
  • Leverage data from the full employee lifecycle to drive key outcomes.