How do I administer a performance review?

Whether you need to conduct regular performance reviews or would like to collect and leverage 360-degree feedback for development purposes, our performance hub provides evidence-based, intuitive templates that are ready for you to customise and implement. The available templates offer scientifically sound behavioural statements and open-ended questions curated by our team of organisational psychologists. Our library provides a comprehensive selection of key workplace skills for you to choose from or you can create your own questions if you’d like to find out specific information. 

Once the reviews have been completed, results are displayed with a summary for each skill and a breakdown of raw scores for each question from each source (i.e. employee, manager, direct reports, peers). To further analyse the results and identify strengths, weaknesses and gaps, aggregate data is displayed in insightful, interactive graphics. Results are easy to interpret and discuss in performance evaluations or development discussions. Our analytics platform makes it easy for you to execute a custom, expertly designed performance review process and leverage insights to enhance employee performance.