How are our tests developed and validated?

Created and validated by our team of organisational psychologists and psychometricians, our tests reflect reliable, accurate, fair and secure tools for objective hiring. Built on decades of theoretical and empirical research, our approach to test development and validation follows the highest standards and industry guidelines. At a maximum of only 10 minutes long, each test captures an accurate measure of key candidate knowledge, skills or characteristics that have been proven to predict job success while providing a positive candidate experience. 

To keep our tests as secure as possible, questions are randomly selected by an algorithm that controls for certain parameters such as question difficulty. This means that although candidates see different versions of the test, they have a fair opportunity to demonstrate their true ability and scores are comparable across candidates. Interactive results allow you to evaluate candidates on key data points and visualise differences between top applicants for detailed analysis. Our experts closely monitor test metrics, including validity, reliability and fairness, and collect feedback from both clients and candidates to continuously upgrade our tests for optimal performance.